Vynaca will merge with Startup Costs. Everything you loved about Vynaca will (or will soon) be part of Startup Costs

Current and future financial insights into your company

Finance analytics, cashflow management and intelligent forecasting


question answered with Vynaca

How much runway do we have left?

Intelligent forecasting

See how your churn impacts your revenue and bank balance over a period of time

Predict your revenue for the next quarter, year or even 10 years from now

Check if your current hiring strategy is financial viable

Get an alert when a certain financial goal will not be reached coming soon

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Track revenue

View how your monthly plans stack against your yearly plans

Which change in pricing had the biggest impact on your revenue

Automatically import revenue data from 3rd party services coming soon

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Cashflow management

Prepare for big yearly payments

Annotate unusual spikes in your bank balance coming soon

Get timely notifications when you run low on cash coming soon

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Manage expenses

Know where your money goes and what your biggest expenses are

Let coworkers clarify specific expenses

Easily add new expenses through Slack coming soon

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Better and real financial insights of your company starting today

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