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How Vynaca helps you stay profitable

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Run Different Scenarios

“Scenarios” is a really powerful feature that will let you create simulations based on your current finances. Within a scenario you can add, change, remove income and revenue. See how your bank balance increases when your churn decreases. Create a scenario to see what needs to get done to get your revenue back up to a healthy level. Set alerts for different goals in each scenario to remind you if you are on track, or if you need, change your course.

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Manage Your Expenses

No matter the size of your company, you spend money on services to make life easier. Have all your one-time and recurring expenses listed in Vynaca. All clearly categorised. Know what, where and how much you spent on a monthly basis. Everybody on your team can add, change or ask questions about all expenses.

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Track Your Revenue

No revenue, no business. One-time or monthly revenue is quickly added. And if you use Stripe, connect your account and your data is automatically imported into your dashboard.

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Be transparent with your public dashboard

You can have your month's financial overview open to the public. Show your total cashflow, which plans makes the most revenue and what services you use to run your company. If needed, you can hide some numbers for be public.

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Features marked * will be coming soon

Weekly reports to stay in the loop

Get weekly reports and alerts when things are about to go south. Stay on top of the week's expenses and revenue. And see if your targets are on the right trajectory.

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Better and real financial insights of your company starting today

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